PLEASE NOTE •  All Commercial work is Extremely Copyright Protected!

B A G  I N  B O X   W I  N  E  - C A P E  F Y N B O S    :  Illustration, packaging & design

W  I  N  E    &   L  A  B  E  L  S : painting / Illustration, packaging & design

B  E  E  R   L  A  B  E  L  S : logo, Illustration, packaging & design

W  I  N  E     B R A N D - J U N O  : painting / Illustration, packaging & design


D O U G L A S  G R E E N   S A I N T  S E R I E S  : painting / Illustration


C  L  I  C  K  A  T  E  L  L  : digital Illustration

R O C K & R O L L & spoegwolf  : digital Illustration


P  A  R  M  A  L  A  T     &    Capespan :   Illustration

P O T T E R S  P L A C E  :  painting, logos

One Painting makes 11 Logos =  Clever Client

S I T R U S R A N D    E S T A T E  :  painting, packaging, digital design

B  O  O  K     C  O  V  E  R  S  : digital design

a l s o .  .  .

  • Langeberg - ALL GOLD packaging, connoisseur’s Jam, Pasta sauces, Variety sauces
  • Nabisco - GRANOLA BAR, Packaging
  • SAD - Safari Wines, Illustrations, Awarded.
  • Robertsons - ROBERTSONS HERBS & SPICES (full range 80 illustrations)
  • DOUGLAS GREEN - SAINTS SERIES, Awarded with the International Wine Label Award New YorK + finalist in London Awards                                               
  • DOUGLAS GREEN- Export collection Cape Negotiant series
  • CAPESPAN - New Packaging for All Export Fruit X 9 Cases.
  • SUN INTERNATIONAL (Intercontinental) - Corporate Illustrations +Maps
  • SOUTHERN SUN - Corporate Illustrations
  • BONNITA - packaging, Big time sweets,
  • PREMIER FOODS - packaging
  • TIGER BRANDS - Cool cat
  • SA WINELANDS regional map
  • CLICKATELL - In-house digital illustrations
  • SARIE - Illustrations
  • PARMALAT - Land of Yum
  • WOOLWORTHS – Kiddies Milk
  • WOMEN IN WINE – Corporate ID
  • JUNO Wine company– Cape maidens: Corporate ID, Labels, Packaging.
  • The Grape Grinder - Wine Labels and Packaging
  • Bettereat - Logo and web-design
  • Spoegwolf - Cd and web-design
  • Potter's Place - Corporate ID


“The conundrum of commercial vs fine art?. . . . As a painter, the desire to ‘say’ something is a major creative driving force. To have the opportunity of “saying” it a thousand  times over, globally, through commercial work, is truly fine”